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Application Process For International Applicants

Middlesex College welcomes applications from International Students seeking an F1 student visa. Students from more than 50 countries have attended Middlesex College. International students enrich the educational experience at Middlesex College in so many different ways!

If you will be applying for a student visa, please review the following policy and procedures for International student applications. To ensure you complete all the required documentation, read these instructions carefully and check off each item on following pages as you complete them.

We suggest you collect all of the required documentation prior to submitting your application. If you cannot obtain all the documentation prior to the deadline, you should submit the application and any available documentation before the application deadline and submit any outstanding documents after that time. Please make certain that every piece of supporting documentation has the name of the student printed clearly on each document.

Allow at least six to eight weeks for processing your application.

Application Deadlines

In order to be considered for admission, applications and all supporting documents must be received by the following dates:

Fall Semester

(Starting in September) deadline is April 15 of the same year.

Spring Semester

(Starting in January) deadline is September 15 of the preceding year.

We recommend you complete the application process well in advance of these dates to allow time for processing. No applications will be processed if postmarked after the deadline. If you are in the US with a visitor’s (B1 or B2) visa and do not plan to return to your home country to obtain the student visa, we recommend you do not submit your application until you have stayed in the US for a minimum of three months.

Documentation required of all applicants who have or will need a student visa:

  1. Application for Admission (complete all sections)  

    Be sure to indicate your date of birth. You must indicate your intended major on the application.

    Please note: international students are not eligible for the Dental Hygiene or Nursing.

  2. Application Supplement     (PDF)

    Indicate the name of your nearest relative or friend in the United States and your visa status if you are presently in the United States.

  3. Affidavit of Support  

    Documentary evidence of sufficient funds for college and living expenses in the United States is mandatory. All documents, including bank statements, must be original. The sponsor does not have to be a U.S. citizen. You can have more than one sponsor if one sponsor cannot show the total $25,140. Each sponsor must provide the bank statement and employer verification described below. All financial documents must be converted into U.S. dollars.On page 8 of the Affidavit, in item 24, the sponsor must mark “intend.” On page 13, the sponsor must guarantee a minimum $25,140.00 for each year of study. 

    The affidavit must be sent with:

    1. Original bank statement with the sponsor’s name and address, OR a letter from the bank on bank letterhead, which must show at least the amount the sponsor indicated in the Affidavit of Support.
    2. Proof of sponsor’s income, which can be provided by a letter from the sponsor’s employer, on company letterhead, indicating the sponsor’s salary and number of years of employment. If sponsor is self-employed or owns his or her business then a copy of the most recent income tax return can be supplied in place of the employer verification.
    3. If the student will be living with family members or friends, an affidavit must be completed indicating room and board is being provided. This lowers the required sponsorship funding from $25,140 to $15,640 of support for each year of study.
    4. If the student is bringing a dependent with him or her, an additional $5,000 in support is required and must be shown in the affidavit.
    5. If the sponsor is retired he/she must show proof of income/pension.
    6. If the student is sponsoring him/herself then the funding required is doubled (25,140 x 2 years).
  4. Official Transcripts or Mark Sheets from High School

    Transcripts must be translated into English. Translations must be official and completed by a certified translation service. If photocopies of transcripts are being submitted, then they must be notarized or attested to. Transcripts should include the name of all subjects studied, grades earned, examinations passed and the dates of diplomas, certificates, and degrees that were earned.

  5. Official Transcripts from College or University

    Transcripts must be translated into English. Transcripts must be notarized or attested to. Transcripts should include the names of all subjects studied, grades earned, examinations passed and the dates diplomas, certificates and degrees were earned.If you are seeking advanced standing based on your college courses, you must have an official course by course evaluation completed by an approved evaluation service; and pay for the evaluation yourself.

    Applications for evaluation from World Evaluation Service are available by calling (800) 361-3106 or visiting their website

    View all of the approved evaluation services.

  6. Official Immunization Records

    You are required to provide proof of immunization. This documentation must be translated into English. If you are unable to get your medical records, you may be immunized when you arrive in the United States.

    For additional information please visit the the Department of Health and Safety.

  7. English Language Exam

    The College will determine your need for English language courses based on our own English language exam. The exam is offered at no cost to the student. If language study is needed, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses will be required. Once a student is proficient in the English language, he or she can begin a degree program. SAT scores are optional. The college offers a College Placement Test at no cost to the student.

Documentation Required of Applicants Currently in the United States

  1. International Student Advisor’s Report

    If you are currently a student at another college or a high school in the United States or were previously issued a student visa, you must have your prior school submit an International Student Advisor’s Report to the Admission Office at Middlesex College.

  2. Copies of your Visa page I-94 and I-20 (for F1 students) and a copy of your original I-20 form

    All copies of these items must be received in the Admissions Office before your application will be reviewed.

After Receiving the I-20 Form

  • If you are admitted to the College, you will be notified in writing and sent a Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant “F-1” Student Status) along with your original financial documentation.
  • If you are living abroad you must present these papers to the visa officer at the American Embassy when you apply for your student visa.
  • If you are currently in the United States, you will need to bring your I-20 form from Middlesex College, your I-20 if you are transferring from another school, and your financial documentation to: Mrs. Rita Burton, Foreign Student Advisor, in Edison Hall, Room 100.
  • Students who are changing status must bring a check for $300 made payable to the USCIS with the I-20.
  • Students admitted for the fall semester need to arrive on campus no later than August 10. Students admitted for the spring semester need to arrive on campus no later than January 5. There is no campus housing available.

Estimated Cost of Attending

The following is an estimate of your expenses for a calendar year, excluding summer study (12 credits per semester)

Tuition and Fees (two semesters) $7,440
Books and Supplies $1700
Living Expenses $15,150
Total $25,140

*If you are living with friends or family while attending college, please have them complete an Affidavit of Support for room and board only (must be notarized) and the $9,500 can be subtracted from the estimate.

For students bringing a dependent, an additional $5,000 is required.

International students are charged an annual service fee of $600 ($300 each semester). This fee is included in the estimated total cost. However, you will be billed separately each semester for this fee.

For questions or if you would like to make an appointment to speak with the international admissions counselor, please email